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Dj Juez, - DJ Juez
Marko Bijelić

Marko Bijelić


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Alaa Khoueis a.k.a Dj Juez born on the 17th of October, from Beirut, Lebanon living in the city of Zagreb, Croatia.

​Started his career as a DJ at a young age. His passion for music kept him improving his skills first in mixing and after that in music production. His first appearance was in 2012  playing for a small crowd which gave him the inspiration to go bigger. In 2014 Juez was well known in the music industry, and noticed at bigger clubs like Loud Jouneh, The Wall Jbeil, Utopia beach Damour...Now he's on a new challenge where competence is higher, and much harder. Croatia is Juez new destination the country which is holding UMF Europe every year featuring the biggest Djs in the Electronic Dance Music industry.

Juez is an Electronic Dance Music/Rnb DJ.